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ARITMIS is a one-man company run by Yann Brissieux.

Yann has graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris and has taken part in the development of the first commercial version of gPROMSTM at Imperial College (London, UK) before joining the Advanced Modelling & Control Team at Rhône-Poulenc Industrialisation (Lyon, FR). He has been working since 2000 as a free-lance engineer in the area of process modelling, simulation & control. Yann has built up a unique experience working for chemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas industry leaders.

For illustration, since 2010, the corresponding workload involves more than:

  • 330 days with Unisim® Design et Aspen Hysys®
  • 190 days with Matlab®/Simulink®
  • 140 days with Aspen Custom Modeler®
  • 170 days on troubleshooting & process optimisation directly with production sites.

gPROMS is a trademark of Process Systems Entreprise Limited, London, UK
Unisim® is a registered trademark of Honeywell International Inc.
Matlab® & Simulink® are registered trademarks of The MathWorks Inc.
Aspen Hysys® & Aspen Custom Modeler® are registered trademarks of Aspen Technology.