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Explore and simulate design alternatives

Process design has faced great changes with the launching of new process modelling tools, which allow the cost-effective analysis of available data and the rapid simulation of design alternatives.

The process model has hence become a unique support tool, which helps both project managers & engineers in making the right decisions.

Application example :

Simulating the start-up of a new production unit



Background: a novel design is considered for a new production unit. As the reactor volumes will be bigger than on existing plants, the project team has identified a higher risk of thermal runaway.

Objectives for the simulation study: test the control scheme and evaluate the risk of thermal runaway during start-up

Cost : 20 man-days


  • Development of a dynamic model based on data collected on existing unit
  • Simulation of the new production unit and definition of start-up conditions to mitigate the risk of runaway
  • Recommendations to change the control scheme for better temperature control during start-up & normal operation