Provide assistance to production teams
Troubleshoot process plant control

Production teams often cope with control difficulties which lead to operate the plant with controllers in manual mode. With further insight, it is however possible to identify what is going wrong: a valve may be badly sized, controllers may be interacting or badly tuned...

Simple and quick solutions can then yield amazing results... and immediate respect among plant operators.

Application example:

Improving the temperature control of the furnace outlet stream


Background : an existing temperature control loop set in manual

Objectives : achieve better temperature control to mitigate disturbances of downstream units & to avoid furnace trips

Costs : 15 man-days

Results :

  • Dead time & response time in the furnace are modelled and used to improve the control loop efficiency
  • Better temperature control is achieved, which allows the optimization of the downstream units and drastically reduces the risk of furnace trip

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