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Modelling & Innovation

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  • To design and test new processes
  • To build knowledge and improve existing processes 


The design of new processes relies on process modelling tools, which allow the cost-effective analysis of available data and the rapid simulation of design alternatives. The process model has hence become a unique support tool for R&D and engineering teams. Aritmis will help you in the development of reliable process models, which will help you in making the right decisions

  • Application example


  • Within Aspen Custom Modeler® environment
    • Model development & Assistance to the design of a new reaction process by steady-state & dynamic simulation
    • Dynamic simulation study of unit trips to improve process design & safety
  • Within Aspen Hysys® environment
    • Dynamic Simulation Study of a full distillation train to support the design & the definition of control principles
    • Design & test by dynamic simulation of a novel control scheme to ensure product quality, even when the composition of feed stream significantly varies.
    • Definition & test by dynamic simulation of the start-up sequence

Aspen Hysys® and Aspen Custom Modeler® are registered trademarks of Aspen Technology, inc.




Optimization & Troubleshooting

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  • Optimise your process & mitigate production losses
  • Achieve your environmental objectives & reduce your operating costs


Digitalization gives rise to new challenges to achieve lower environmental impact, higher energy efficiency and lower operating costs.

Aritmis provides assistance in the deployment of advanced process control solutions (APC, multivariable control), which make sure that your process is operated at its optimum and stays within constraints.
Moreover, Aritmis helps you in troubleshooting existing process control issues: revised parameters for a split-range block or a PID controller, a slight change in the process control scheme…  
Simple and quick solutions can yield amazing results!


  • Application example


  • Improving the process control for an amino acid production plant
    • Diagnosis of existing control loops
    • Recommendations for revised PID tuning, use of feed-forward control and multivariable process control
    • Assistance & follow-up of modifications by control team
  • Deployment of an APC controller (Advanced Process Control)
    • Assistance in the functional design & model identification
    • Documentation of changes needed to existing DCS (Digital Control System)
    • Assistance during start-up & follow-up (fine tuning of APC controller)





Assistance & Training

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  • Explain, document, share experience & knowledge
  • Provide assistance during implementation



For a project to be successful on the long-term, the solution found must be robust, i.e. it must be able to cope with changes in process & operating conditions.
Operators and Control Instrumentation teams shall also make the new control scheme their own.

This involves favouring simple and easy-to-implement solutions, but also focusing on communication, documentation and training.





Learn more about ARITMIS

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ARITMIS is a company founded and managed by Yann Brissieux

Yann has graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris and has taken part in the development of the first commercial version of gPROMSTM® at Imperial College (London, UK) before joining the Advanced Modelling & Control Team at Rhône-Poulenc Industrialisation (Lyon, FR). He has been working since 2000 as a free-lance engineer in the area of process modelling, simulation & control.

Yann has built up a unique experience working for chemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas industry leaders.


For illustration purposes, since 2010, the corresponding workload involves more than:

  • 400 days with Unisim® Design et Aspen Hysys®

  • 200 days with Aspen Custom Modeler®

  • 200 days with Matlab®/Simulink®

  • And more than 800 days in troubleshooting & process optimisation directly with production sites.

gPROMS® is a registered trademark of Siemens Process Systems Engineering

Unisim® is a registered trademark of Honeywell International Inc.

Matlab® et Simulink® are registered trademarks of The MathWorks Inc.

Aspen Hysys® et Aspen Custom Modeler® are registered trademarks of Aspen Technology.



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